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School Calender

2019-20 Closures

August 2019 30 (F) – Teacher In-service Day

September 2 (M) – Labor Day

October 14 (M) – Teacher In-service Day 25 (F) – Annual Pumpkin Picking – 2pm Closure

November 11 (M) – Veteran’s Day 28-29 (T-T) – Thanksgiving Break

December 24-31 (T-T) –Winter Break

January 1 (W) – New Year’s Day 20 (M) – Martin Luther King Jr Day

February 17 (M) – President’s Day/Teacher In-service Day

May 25 (M) – Memorial Day

June 12(F) – Annual Field Day – 3pm Closure

July 3 (F) – Independence’s Break

August 2019 31 (M) – School Closed-Teacher In-service Day



The Moonstone Family Association (MFA) started a mentoring program for new families in 2009, during the school’s transition into their new space! The goal of mentoring is to empower new families by offering inspiration, information, and empathy. Currently, the program is organized and cultivated within the school. The program pairs current families with newly enrolled families to ease their child’s transition into the school and themselves into the parenting community. Mentors are available to answer questions and offer a parent’s perspective. Both new and current parents find the experience to be very supportive and rewarding. How does it work? Near your start date, a current Moonstone family will contact you with a welcome to Moonstone call and an offer to be your mentor. If you accept, they will offer to meet with you in person (with or without children). This could be a park play date, coffee, etc. After that, it is up to you. We encourage you to tailor this resource to best meet your needs – be it a number you can call, a friendly face to touch base with from time to time, or a new friend. We hope that you will find mentorship a helpful resource, and a fun way to meet another family in the Moonstone community! Certainly, having a mentor is in no way required. If you are not interested in having a mentor, that’s great too. You can always contact Moonstone with questions, concerns, or for a mentor contact at any time in the future. For more information on mentoring, please contact:

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