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Board Members

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The Moonstone Board is comprised of current parents, alumni parents, artists, and community members. Their role is to oversee Moonstone Inc. as a non-profit and to maintain operation in accordance with its mission. They are responsible for fundraising, setting important policies, and ensuring that the organization meets legal requirements.

The Moonstone Board is consists of a Preschool Committee and an Art Center Committee, which is overseen by the Executive Board.

The Board of 2018-2019:

Executive Committee

President – Teresa Ravenell
Treasurer – Amy Hanssens
Preschool Chair – Corinne Militello
Secretary – Margaux DelCollo

Founder – Sandy Robin
Former Director, Moonstone Preschool

Founder – Larry Robin
Director, Moonstone Arts Center

Art Center Chair – Charles Carr

Preschool Committee

Adrienne Wallace-Chew

Ariella Werden-Greenfield, Ph.D.

Kimberly Carter

Linda Marshall

Rose McElhatton Donahue

Art Center Committee

Amy Hodgdon

Daniel O’Brien

Deborah Fries

Dr. Diane Waff

Jennifer Stanton

Ray Garman

Severa Kata

Vera DaVinci

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