Moonstone Preschool has a longstanding reputation for engaging children through active, arts-centered learning. Whether your child is new to Moonstone or a Moonstone alumnus, we know they will benefit from the unique arts-based after school experience. As an After Moon, your child will be immersed in the same curricular themes presented in the Preschool, but at a level appropriate to their age and ability.

The After Moon Program is available for children grades K-3.
The program is run by two Moonstone teachers and will accommodate 10-12 children per day. Pick-up is available from Meredith Elementary and Jackson Elementary. If your child attends another school, they may be dropped off at Moonstone after 3pm.

Moonstone offers students a dynamic, all-encompassing arts education program.
The focus will be on teaching emotional/ social development through art and performance. The visual and performance arts offer students the ability to learn skills such as cooperation, collaboration, independence, interdependence, self-expression, and other valuable life skills, along with an enriching art experience.

The daily schedule:
3:09 – Pick up at Meredith/Jackson
3:30 – Arrive at Moonstone
wash hands & snack (snack provided)
4:00 – Warm up/movement activity
4:30 – Project
5:30 – Homework or structured activity

Schedule options:
3 Days per week – $90 per week
5 Days per week – $150 per week

If you are interested in registering for Moonstone’s After School Program or have any questions, contact Director Shannon Roscoe at

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