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Our Community

Moonstone has been a committed and caring member of our Bella Vista/Hawthorne community since 1983. We have established many relationships and continue to have a strong presence in the neighborhood.


  • When the weather is nice, you will often find us at our local parks and playgrounds – Palumbo, Seger, Hawthorne Park, Hawthorne Playground, and Ridgway. In the winter, we play in the Palumbo Recreation Center gym. We love to take walks in our neighborhood and take in all the sights – the people, animals, street art, plants, and construction sites. You’ll recognize us by our bright orange shirts and ability to walk two-by-two with our friends.
  • We enjoy visiting our local businesses, organizations, and institutions for performances, workshops and presentations. Some of our local visits include Expressive Hand pottery studio, Isgro’s Bakery, DiBruno Brothers, PNC Bank, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, St. Peter’s School, Kun-Yang Lin Dancers, Nest, and Fire House Engine 11.
  • We have a longstanding relationship with Academy at Palumbo High School. Each year, we invite high school students to join our intern program. Palumbo students come to Moonstone each afternoon to play, read, and help our children and teachers. We have even met Palumbo students in Hawthorne Park, sang them our favorite songs, and played games with them.
  • Moonstone is pleased to share a Little Free Library with our neighbors. Located in front of Moonstone, this repurposed telephone booth is full of wonderful books to be shared with all who come visit. Moonstone reaches beyond our neighborhood to develop relationships in the farther reaches of our city and even the world!
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If you’d like to help out, there are many opportunities

How to Give Back

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