WHAT. Homework in preschool?! Think of it more as “home play”. Relevant to the current curriculum and the year’s theme of Discovery, homework is completely optional and open to interpretation. Best of all, there are no grades. The purpose of homework is to keep curriculum going outside of school, share family’s experiences, encourage community exploration, as well as invite parents and chosen families. We’ll share the prompts on the newsletter and at the front desk. When you’re ready, you can post on the bulletin board in the reception area and/or share digitally (use #PlayWithYourHW on social media). Work can be literally anything: a video, a drawing, a poem, a photo (shared on social media and/or printed out), a found object, a sound bite, a short write-up of your experience, a collaboration with friends… We’re trying something new, and may play around with the frequency of HW, format, how to share, and other details. I appreciate your patience and welcome any comments as we work together to revolutionize homework. Have lots of fun! Can’t wait to see what you do! OUR FIRST HW: Let’s think back at our summer experiences. Some of us visited far away places, physically or mentally. Some of us returned to a beloved vacation spot. Some of us saw family or had family drop by. Or maybe you met a newly born being. Maybe you had plans, but had to change them suddenly. What new places or people did you discover? Did you discover something surprising about a place you visit often? Did a new book or movie bring you to fantastical places? What did those places look/feel/smell/sound like? Did you discover new limits of time/space/resources, or did you explore limitlessness? You can share your creations between September 18th-29th. Find Al if you have any questions, or email them alsanval@moonstonepreschool.org .DSC_4114-13

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